The New Improved DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

For the past year, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has been updating its flagship post-test motorcycling scheme. Re-launched as the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme it’s the ideal approach for riders looking to undertake extra training or brush up their skills.

Working closely with the Motorcycle Industry Association and current enhanced rider scheme trainers, feedback suggested that the original scheme, which was developed more than 10 years ago, could benefit from an overhaul. Issues included:

  • it wasn’t obvious the old scheme was supported by the government
  • the original syllabus was too broad and offered too many options
  • riders weren’t always sure what the scheme was offering and who was delivering it

Chris Parr, from the Driver and Rider Policy team at DVSA explains here how the new syllabus, name, visual branding, and streamlining of acronyms used will simplify the scheme, giving it a trustworthy and official style to encourage uptake.

The new syllabus will focus on core modules to ensure that riders are tested on the essential skills needed to keep safe while riding. The extra modules, which will be discussed between the trainer and rider will be specific to the skills the rider wants to learn or improve. This could be things like carrying a passenger or load, or even off-road riding.

Chris said, “We want the experience of post-test training to be enjoyable and fun for the rider and for the trainer. Being able to choose the different extra modules will help the rider get the most out of their training and learn the skills important to them.”

For more on how the scheme works, please click here.

Tuesday, 07 August 2018