MCN On The Road With North Wales Police

It’s an uncomfortable reality that bikers are over-represented in road casualty figures for the North Wales region and Wales as a whole.

John Urry from Motor Cycle News (MCN) recently spent the day out on the road with North Wales Police to see what approach is being taken and just how welcome bikers are in the region.

Following a briefing to outline the objectives of Operation Darwen and a discussion around collision hot spots, the team headed out for a day of biker engagement and enforcement.

From white line violations to a pillion passenger wearing flip flops, tickets to friendly chats, they saw it all, and the conclusion by MCN: “North Wales Police aren’t anti-biker, they are anti-death.

“The force isn’t devious about how they go about their work, the unmarked vehicles’ presence is publicised and the marked ones are more than obvious. The message is fairly simply: north Wales isn’t a race track, it's a public road, ride it as such and you will have a fabulous day out and return home alive, without points.”

You can read the MCN article in full here.

Friday, 24 August 2018