Motorcycle News Features Biker Down!

Alison Silcox of Motorcycle News recently attended a free Biker Down! course at a South London fire station, with 20 other bikers.

This free, half-day, session is not a first aid course, but is designed to teach the skills that could help save a life. Presented by emergency services, it aims to give you the confidence to step in should you come across an incident until professional help arrives.

Divided into three parts, it first details the steps you should take in the immediate aftermath of a collision. The second part covers emergency first aid, including an opportunity to practice CPR. Would you know how to remove someone’s crash helmet, or even if you should try? You will find out when it’s considered necessary and how to do it safely.

The last part is dedicated to the science of being seen, giving riders effective practical solutions to avoid being caught out by driver error.

Alison reported that “It’s an interactive classroom-based course that involves a lot of listening about a serious subject that could be a little dry. Instead, it’s delivered in an engaging and fun way and just might have given me the skills to save someone’s life".

Biker Down! Cymru is currently available in areas covered by South Wales and Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue services. For more information please take a look at the Facebook page or email

Friday, 29 June 2018