Heads Up for Ride to Work Week

Ride to Work Week, which takes place this year from 18th to 24th June, is an annual campaign to share the many advantages of commuting on two wheels.  

The campaign highlights the benefits of riding a motorcycle to work, which include saving time and money, easier parking and improving road skills.

Did you know that riders save an average of 300 hours off their commute each year? Or that congestion would reduce by an estimated 40% if just 10% of drivers swapped to a motorcycle or scooter?

So, whether you’re a biker who wants to share how great it is to commute by motorcycle, an employer who wants to encourage staff to have a more enjoyable and time saving commute, or a transport professional who would like to help encourage increased motorcycle use, keep an eye on the Ride to Work website for new updates and downloads for 2018.

You can also follow @RidetoWorkWeek on social media and help spread the word.

Commute Happy!

Friday, 08 June 2018