Ian Williamson

The latest edition of MAG’s Road magazine includes a page of tributes to long serving and much missed rep Ian Williamson. We had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ian as part of the Motorcycle Safety Steering Group, he was a vital and valued representative and his passion and enthusiasm for motorcycling and dedication to MAG was exemplary.

Ian was huge support to road safety colleagues across the country and a thoroughly decent guy. We will miss him terribly and as a tribute we’d like to share some thoughts from some of his friends and colleagues in MAG:

During my tenure as Chairman of Aberystwyth MAG, Ian was always my first contact whenever an issue needed investigation. He was always calm, balanced, concise and laconic with the (inevitably) correct course of action...

...Aberystwyth MAG became a very powerful force to be reckoned with. It led with many initiatives, working with the emergency services and local authorities to improve road safety. There have been several in the position of Chair, but Ian was always the powerhouse...

...the members of Aberystwyth MAG have lost a kindred spirit, someone special who can never be replaced. We will always treasure our memories of someone who really did make a difference.
(Medwyn Parry)

Ian, a man who would quietly evaluate situations, assess possibilities, gather resources and take actions with the persistence of a heat-seeking missile....

...At his funeral we heard accolades from his community and his family that helped us realise that this coolest of gentlemen was doing for motorcyclists what he had done all his life, quietly and without fuss making changes selflessly in service to the cause he loved.

(Phil McFadden) National Reps Liaison Officer for MAG, Ian was one of my “flock”.... he bought an understated energy and enthusiasm to the role of Regional Rep that was very effective...

...He breathed life back into his MAG’s charitable foundation and if it succeeds going forward it will be due, in no small part, to the vigour that Ian brought to his role as Trustee.
The Lady Rootveg (Jane Carrott)

Nos Da Ian

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Friday, 04 August 2017