£450,000 for Innovative Projects To Reduce Motorcyclist Casualties

In July of last year the Minister announced the four successful projects under the first stage of the Welsh Government’s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), which required companies to identify pioneering approaches to reduce motorcyclist casualties in Wales – a priority road safety target for the Welsh Government.

The funding they received helped them to run feasibility studies as part of the first phase of the challenge. The four projects were then invited to bid for funding for phase 2 of the initiative, which will help develop the products to point where they can be marketed.

The successful projects are:

  • An advanced helmet liner from Armourgel Ltd, which will incorporate Armourgel material into motorcycle helmets with the aim of protecting motorcyclists from rotational acceleration brain injuries;

    Dr Dan Plant, Managing Director of Armourgel Ltd said: “We are really pleased to receive funding for this pivotal research. Thanks to the Welsh Government for their forward strategic thinking in this area, we believe that this program will be instrumental to the next generation of helmets and lead to fewer casualties.”
  •  A junction alert system from Fusion Processing Ltd which will use a combination of radar and cameras to identify when a motorcyclist is approaching.

Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Processing Ltd, Jim Hutchinson, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to apply our technology to this application. We look forward to developing a product which will improve the safety of motorcyclists and other road users.”

Announcing the successful projects, Mrs Hart said:
“Welsh roads are amongst the safest in the world, however we continue to strive for improvements and reducing the number of motorcyclist casualties is one of our priorities.

“These projects are looking at innovative ways to protect motorcyclists and reduce accidents. Both successful products returned encouraging results at feasibility stage and I am pleased we are able to support them to develop their products further.”

The projects were selected from forty-seven applications after the Minister issued a challenge to companies, other public bodies and the voluntary sector last year to submit creative ideas to help improve road safety for motorcyclists.

Thursday, 17 March 2016