BikeSafe? But I’ve Been Riding For Years!

We’re never too old or too experienced to learn and passing our bike test is just the start. BikeSafe is about starting on the right path to development as it “Bridges the Gap”.

As the biking season stretches ahead, it could be time for us bikers to consider brushing up our skills by attending a BikeSafe Cymru workshop. BikeSafe is led by the police and runs in all four police forces in Wales.

Riding should be fun, and by improving skills, knowledge and hazard awareness it will hopefully make riding safer and more enjoyable.  By delivering theory presentations and observed rides BikeSafe can help bikers discover strengths and weaknesses and also highlights where to go next to develop and get more from our biking.

Now’s a great time to consider BikeSafe as some Local Authorities in Wales are offering a subsidy for workshops in their area. To find out more and to book your place, visit the BikeSafe website.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016